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Solar Panels by Prosolar

Learn about our best-in-class solar products and services for your farm

Agri Solar PV

Generate your electricity, cut fuel bills and have an additional income stream to support your business with a Solar PV installation from Prosolar. Farmers have been experts at harnessing and using solar energy for thousands of years. Almost every form of agriculture relies upon the sun’s power to grow grass, crops or livestock.

Now is the time for your farm to take advantage of this reliable and cost-effective form of electricity generation!

Agricultural Solar PV installations have a payback period of between 3 and 6 years, and panels can be expected to produce electricity for over 30 years. As of 2023, farmers can apply for an enhanced grant rate of 60% – with an investment ceiling of €90,000 – for solar projects under the new TAMS 3 programme!

SEAI and TAMS grants are available to reduce day-one installation costs. One can claim a 100% tax write-off in the year of the solar installation (ACA), and VAT can be reclaimed.

We specialise in grid-connected systems up to 500kW, which enable you to sell excess solar power to the grid as an additional income stream. Give us a call to learn more about the finances of a solar PV installation for your farm!

How Solar PV works

The Sun

The sun provides free energy every day. Photons of light from the sun hit the solar panels and create electrical energy.

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb light. They can work with direct, reflected, and diffused light and produce electricity even on cloudy days. They are made of semi-conducting materials, usually silicon. There are three types of PV solar panels; monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous. Your annual energy usage determines how many panels need to be provided.


The DC power accumulated from the solar panels goes to an inverter, which is converted into Alternating Current (AC) power so that the electricity is compatible with household appliances. A fireman’s switch and a DC isolator are installed in the DC cables connecting the panels to the inverter. This ensures that the DC power can be safely disconnected when needed.

Electrical Fuse Board

Your electrical fuse board receives AC power from the inverter. This AC power is now available for use by appliances and lighting.

Electricity sent from the grid

Your home remains connected to the grid to supply you with electricity. When you need more power than your solar system, or if you are not producing solar energy at night, your electricity comes from the grid, the usual way.

Electricity Meter

The excess power is sent back into the grid when generating more electricity than using. There is no payback for this energy, but this is coming soon. This will help to offset the cost of your electricity usage at night or on cloudy days when your system is not producing electricity, saving you even more money!

Battery Storage

Solar panels produce most electricity when the sun shines, the strongest in the middle of the day. However, most electricity may be used at other times of the day. A battery storage system allows you to store the electricity produced by the solar panels until you need it.

Farm Appliances

Now your farm appliances are all powered by the sun.

Our Process

When you have made an initial enquiry with us, our commercial team will issue you with an estimated quotation based on the information you have provided us.
Gathering Information
A site visit from a member of our commercial team comes next. We will work with you to identify the best solution for your needs. Electricity consumption monitoring may be installed to assist in the design.
We will then put you in contact with our grant experts to identify the best grant opportunities for you and to manage the grant application process.
System Design
Our in house engineering team will produce a detailed design for your system using cutting edge methodologies and best-in-class materials.
Installation & Project Management
Our skilled in-house installation team will plan and execute your turnkey solar installation to spec and schedule, with all PSCS and PSDP project management requirements.
After sales Support
We pride ourselves on our after sales care and will provide you with a detailed handover pack. Maintenance support will be provided following installation.