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A Brighter Future For All​

Find out how schools and community-based organisations can benefit from solar PV to create a more sustainable and brighter tomorrow for everyone.

We are Pro-Community

Sustainable Communities

ProSolar is deeply embedded in the communities we serve. We actively engage in programs aimed at enhancing the quality of life and fostering sustainable development.


Through partnerships with local organizations, we initiate solar-powered community centres, providing reliable electricity for essential services and community gatherings. These centres serve as hubs for education, healthcare, and communal activities, ensuring that clean energy contributes to the well-being of all.


We prioritize not only providing clean energy solutions but also contributing to the social and educational development of the areas we serve. Together, we are not just installing solar panels; we are building stronger, more resilient communities equipped for a brighter tomorrow.

Work Together

Our commitment to community and school projects is an integral part of Prosolar's larger mission for a sustainable future. Join Prosolar in our commitment to a sustainable future. Together, let's empower communities and inspire future generations through the power of solar energy.

Experienced In Community Solar PV Installations

Community Projects

We have a large commercial and community portfolio, here are some of our more recent projects.

CYMS Killorglin

Supported by a Department of Rural and Community Development grant, this move reduces their carbon footprint and boosts efficiency.

Lauragh Community Centre

The Lauragh Community Centre, Co.Kerry now boasts an innovative photovoltaic (PV) panels installed by Prosolar.

A Quick Overview of

Grants & Funding

If you are applying for funding for your project or are seeking a quote for tender, Prosolar are experienced in the process and completing community based projects. In many cases we can offer support and guidance with your funding provider.


The newly announced Government Schools Photovoltaic Programme will fully fund up to 6 kWp of roof-mounted solar PV for all eligible schools.


SEAI Non-Domestic Microgen Grant is available to support smaller-scale solar PV installations with a maximum payment of €2,400.


The SEAI Community Energy Grant supports large scale community projects with up to 30% of the capital cost of installation.

Here to guide you at every step

Our Process

When you have made an initial enquiry with us, our commercial team will issue you with an estimated quotation based on the information you have provided us.
Gathering Information
A site visit from a member of our commercial team comes next. We will work with you to identify the best solution for your needs. Electricity consumption monitoring may be installed to assist in the design.
We will then put you in contact with our grant experts to identify the best grant opportunities for you and to manage the grant application process.
System Design
Our in house engineering team will produce a detailed design for your system using cutting edge methodologies and best-in-class materials.
Installation & Project Management
Our skilled in-house installation team will plan and execute your turnkey solar installation to spec and schedule, with all PSCS and PSDP project management requirements.
After sales Support
We pride ourselves on our after sales care and will provide you with a detailed handover pack. Maintenance support will be provided following installation.

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