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How much could I save with solar PV?

Save with Solar

To calculate how much of your hard-earned cash can be saved with solar, we need data! We get this data through various software that can report on the production of the solar PV system and also monitor how much energy has been consumed.

We love to help our customers realise their solar-saving potential, so we have collected lots of data from 100s of our installed solar PV systems. With this information, we can compare similar scenarios to calculate the likely savings (we refer to savings as payback) you’ll receive over time and we even include this figure for you in your free quote.

Do I need a monitoring system?

There are two types of systems used for monitoring; performance monitoring and consumption monitoring. The monitoring data can be viewed 24/7 356 days through an app, which is installed on your smart phone (internet connection required). Performance monitoring helps you keep track of how your PV system is performing in real-time. This includes monitoring the energy production, voltage levels, and any potential issues.

With a performance monitoring system, customers can calculate and visualize their energy savings achieved by using solar power. Monitoring systems can also alert users to any abnormalities or issues with the solar system promptly. This allows for proactive maintenance and minimizes downtime.

While performance monitoring is standard across all systems, consumption monitoring is less conventional on a string inverter system (a string inverter system does not store excess energy to a battery). Here at Prosolar, we offer consumption monitoring as an option on all systems.

But what about consumption monitoring?

Learning how much power your PV system is producing is incredibly useful as we have learned, but if you aren’t aware of how much power you are consuming, how can you calculate the savings and also check that your system is working for your needs? Let’s take a look at some real time data and see how consumption monitoring can help us look at the bigger picture.

Real customer data

This information is from a ground-mounted solar PV system in Co. Cork that was installed in January 2023 and includes a battery.
Examining the data
  • GREEN indicates the yield from the solar panels. At times such as May and June, the yield is visibly higher than the consumption. In these cases, the energy was sent back to the grid, which is a potential payback depending on the tariff arrangement with the supplier.
  • RED measures the overall consumption of the home from appliances, heating, EV charging, etc.
  • BLUE shows the consumption from PV which overall during the year was a massive 62.76% saving on their energy bill.

This information helps the customer to understand their energy consumption and how this may change over time. This data can lead to making informed decisions such as if they would benefit from an increase in the number of panels.

So how much could I save?

Our solar consultants are friendly and knowledgeable, they can calculate the size system your home and/or business needs, and also the design of the system that will benefit you most – be it a roof or ground-mounted installation. They may also recommend a battery system if it’s most suitable for your situation. The full process will be explained in detail, with 3D-rendered images for visualization and a tailored plan with your calculated savings based on the final system choice.

Take the next step to find out your potential savings with solar by requesting a free quote from our team. The form takes only a few minutes and as an SEAI registered installer we’ll also be able to tell you if you’re entitled to a grant towards your system.

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