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Prosolar joins the ISEA to Support the Advancement of Solar Energy in Ireland


The Irish Solar Energy Association is a leading advocate for solar energy in Ireland, working to promote policies, foster collaboration, and drive innovation to advance the adoption of solar technologies in the country. It is a prominent organisation dedicated to advancing solar energy in Ireland. ISEA plays a pivotal role in advocating for policies that promote the growth of solar energy, fostering collaboration within the industry, and driving innovation in solar technologies within Ireland.

Prosolar’s decision to join ISEA underscores its dedication to promoting sustainable practices and advocating for the widespread adoption of solar energy. As a member of ISEA, Prosolar anticipates active involvement in industry events, policy discussions, and collaborative initiatives aimed at accelerating the transition to renewable energy. Prosolar is excited about the opportunity to contribute its expertise to the association’s mission and work alongside other industry leaders to shape the future of solar energy in Ireland.

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