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Schools PV Programme Announced


Schools in selected areas including local counties Kerry and Limerick are set to benefit from the newly announced Schools Photovoltaic Programme, following an announcement made last Friday by Norma Foley TD and Eamon Ryan TD. This is welcome news for the education sector as a whole and indeed .

The announcement said: “The scheme will fund up to 6 kWp of roof-mounted solar PV for all eligible schools, and includes connection to the grid and a monitoring system and display screen.

Invited school Authorities will be provided with funding approval from the Department of Education to enter a contract following a competitive tender process for the provision of a solar PV system. This system will be designed, installed and commissioned by a contractor on the SEAI Non-Domestic Micro-Generator (NDMG) Company list.

Invited schools must register for the programme and receive confirmation of eligibility before seeking quotations for the works. Tendering contractors will provide quotations directly to the schools who in turn will submit these to the Department of Education for review and provision of full funding for approved costs.”

Read the full announcement here

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