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Are you looking for solar panels in Limerick?

Prosolar are a leading solar company specialising in Solar PV installations for domestic, commercial and agricultural buildings in County Limerick. Our high tech team can offer you a free quote and are fully SEAI grant approved to save you time and effort.

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How Solar PV works

The Sun

The sun provides free energy every day. Photons of light from the sun hit the solar panels and create electrical energy.

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb light. They can work with direct, reflected and diffused light and produce electricity even on cloudy days. They are made of semi-conducting materials, usually silicon. There are three types of PV solar panels; monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous. Your annual energy usage determines how many panels need to be provided.


The DC power accumulated from the solar panels goes to an inverter, which is converted into Alternating Current (AC) power so that the electricity is compatible with household appliances. A fireman’s switch and a DC isolator are installed in the DC cables connecting the panels to the inverter. This ensures that the DC power can be safely disconnected when needed.

Battery Storage

Solar panels produce most electricity when the sun shines, which is strongest in the middle of the day. However, most electricity may be used at other times of the day. A battery storage system allows you to store the electricity produced by the solar panels until you need it.

Electrical Fuse Board

Your electrical fuse board receives AC power from the inverter. This AC power is now available for use by appliances and lighting.

Electricity Meter

The excess power is sent back into the grid when generating more electricity than using. There is no payback for this energy, but this is coming soon. This will help to offset the cost of your electricity usage at night or on cloudy days when your system is not producing electricity, saving you even more money!

Electricity sent from the grid

Your home remains connected to the grid to supply you with electricity. When you need more power than your solar system, or if you are not producing solar energy at night, your electricity comes from the grid, the usual way.

Household Appliances

Now your household appliances are all powered by the sun.

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Our Process

Our expert team reviews the information you have provided and satellite images of your property to produce an initial quotation. Our solar designers can discuss the quotation and any other questions you have regarding Solar PV technology. An appointment to visit your property may be arranged at this point.

We do not engage in pressure selling and we do not expect a commitment to an installation while visiting your property. We believe in our product, and we respect that you may need to take your time to review your options prior to committing to an installation.
Sale Agreed
Once you are happy to proceed with a quote, we will issue you a customer agreement and require a deposit to proceed.
If you are applying for the SEAI Solar PV grant, we will assist you in making the application – don't worry, it is straightforward! For more information on the SEAI grant process, please see Solar Electricity PV Grants | Home Energy Grants | SEAI. We will also submit an NC6 form to the ESB on your behalf – this is a necessary step to receive permission from the ESB to connect a microgenerator.
A Prosolar engineer will perform a full technical assessment before your solar installation. The primary purpose of this assessment is to plan the installation fully and reduce disruption to your home.
Once all the materials for your order are on hand, the next step is to schedule the installation at a suitable time.
Our expert roof and electrical crews will get to work, and once the installation is complete, you will be generating electricity instantly!
We will issue you more information about your system and send the final invoice. If you are applying for the SEAI Solar PV grant, it would now be the homeowner's responsibility to arrange a post-work BER cert to comply with the grant conditions.

Once we have received the BER cert, we upload all information to the SEAI Solar PV portal so that your grant can be processed. When approved, the reimbursement will go directly into your bank account.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our aftersales support. Our team of office-based, specialist engineers will be delighted to answer any questions that you have.


Great company to deal with from start to finish. All team was very professional.
Co. Kerry
Excellent, easy to deal with, and couldn’t be more helpful and tolerant of my lack of understanding of the working of these systems. It was a pleasure having them here on site, and they represent ProSolar to the highest professional level. Well done to all.
Co. Cork
Really happy with our new panels and battery. Great help with the grant application. All in all a complete and professional service.
Co. Kerry
Couldn't speak highly enough about the company from start to finish. Highly recommend. Very professional & no nonsense throughout the whole process.
Co. Cork
I chose the right company. They were easy to deal with, fast to respond, excellent communications, understanding of my requirements, competitively priced and provided a painless installation.
Co. Cork

Frequently asked questions

The short answer is yes!

The long answer is while Ireland does have a fair amount of rain, solar PV systems generate electricity in daylight and still function effectively on overcast days. Prosolar will ensure your solar PV is properly located.

A 6-panel system could generate up to 1750kWh of electricity per year.

Solar PV has never been more affordable. The cost of your solar installation will depend on the size and the number of people in your home and the structure and type of roof you have. Check out our Solar PV quote form on our website to give you a better idea!

You can install up to 12 sq m of solar PV panels without planning permission. That is approx. 6-7 panels.

The SEAI is offering a solar grant of up to €2,400 for installing Solar PV systems. The grant is available to all owners of dwellings built and occupied before 2021 and where the SEAI has not previously provided support for solar PV systems at that address.

After the installation, the homeowner must arrange a BER certificate to meet the conditions of the grant.

See our Grants & Finance page for more information

We recommend getting someone to look at your solar once a year to ensure it works optimally.

Each solar panel installed can save up to 100kg of CO2 annually. This reduces our emissions from using electricity and makes a big difference to the environment.

It also “offsets” the carbon from activities such as air travel.

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