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How Solar Panels Can Earn You Green

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Thinking about going solar? You’re likely wondering how long it takes to see a return on your investment. Here’s a Q&A to shed some light on the average payback period for home solar PV (photovoltaic) installations, considering both systems with and without batteries.

Q: What’s the average payback period for a home solar panel system?

A: The payback period for solar panels depends on several factors, but our customers for instance, currently sits around 3-5 years (without a battery). This means it takes roughly that long for the cost savings on your electricity bill to offset the initial investment in your solar system.

Q: Does this payback period consider batteries?

A: No, this is typically for a grid-connected system without battery storage. Batteries add another layer of functionality and cost to the solar PV system, so the payback period will generally be longer if you include them.

Q: So, with batteries, how much longer will it take to see a payback?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Battery payback depends heavily on your energy usage habits and how much electricity you plan to self-consume with the battery.

  • Without batteries: You feed excess solar generation back to the grid and receive some compensation (feed-in tariff), but primarily rely on the grid at night.
  • With batteries: You store excess solar energy for later use, potentially reducing your reliance on the grid and further lowering electricity bills. However, batteries come with an upfront cost that lengthens the payback period.

Q: Are there any resources to help me estimate my specific payback period?

A: Absolutely! Prosolar offers a free solar consultation to give you a more accurate estimate based on your location, energy usage, and solar PV system size. Additionally, government agencies like the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offer grants of up to €2,100 for homeowners looking to install solar panels, further reducing your upfront costs.


Prosolar is a SEAI-registered solar PV installer and can provide you with a free quote, including a calculated payback period and lifetime savings estimate for your specific situation.

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