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What Irish Farmers Need To Know About The TAMS 3 Solar Capital Investment Scheme


Q: What is the TAMS 3 Solar Capital Investment Scheme?

A: It’s a fantastic initiative offering Irish farmers a 60% grant to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their holdings. This can significantly reduce energy bills, boost farm sustainability, and potentially increase its value.

Q: How can solar power benefit my farm?

A: There are several advantages:

  • Cost Savings: Generate clean electricity, reducing reliance on the grid and potentially saving on energy bills.
  • Income Generation: Sell excess solar energy back to the grid for additional income.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce your farm’s carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy.
  • Resilience: Generate your own reliable power source, especially in areas with limited grid access or prone to outages.

Q: What are the key details of the TAMS 3 grant?

A: Here’s a breakdown:

  • Grant Rate: 60% of the total eligible investment, up to a maximum of €90,000 per farm.
  • Minimum Investment: €2,000 per farm.
  • Project Payback: As low as 4-7 years, with some of our agri clients seeing even lower payback projects!
  • Increased Farm Value: Solar PV systems can enhance your farm’s value, especially if owned outright.
  • Grant Eligibility: Open to farmers with a minimum of 5 hectares of owned, leased, or rented land declared under BPS or BISS (or 20 production units or a Department identifier for intensive enterprises).
  • System Size: Up to 62kW of solar panels are eligible for grant aid.

Q: How can ProSolar help me take advantage of this scheme?

A: ProSolar is a leading provider of solar PV solutions for Irish farms. We can help you with the entire process:

  • Free Site Survey: We assess your electricity needs and design a custom system to fit your farm.
  • Grant Application Assistance: Our experts will guide you through the TAMS 3 application process.
  • Professional Installation: We ensure your system is installed correctly and efficiently.

Q: Where can I install the solar panels?

A: There are options:

Q: Do I need planning permission?

A: Generally not required for rooftop systems under 300kW (exceptions near airports/hospitals). Ground-mounted systems under 17kW typically don’t require permission either.

Q: Can I sell excess electricity back to the grid?

A: Currently, the TAMS 3 scheme prioritizes on-farm energy consumption. However, battery storage can be included in the system and covered under the grant.

Q: Are there any specific installer requirements?

A: Yes, ProSolar is a Department-approved installer, ensuring your project meets all TAMS 3 requirements.

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