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Maximizing Your Solar Investment: Understanding the Role of Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Using batteries in a solar installation can be beneficial in many ways. In this article, we will highlights the pros and cons so you can decide whether a battery solar system is the right investment for your home.

We offer two Solar PV solutions for your home: the ProLite and ProSmart.

  1. The ‘ProLite‘ option simply put includes your solar panels and a String Inverter. The String Inverter converts energy accumulated from the solar panels that can power your appliances. Any excess power is sent back into the grid when generating more electricity than using.
  2. The ‘ProSmart‘ option features the same solar panels, but also includes an upgraded Hybrid Inverter that directs energy to the batteries to be stored until needed while providing power to your appliances. Again, excess power above the battery storage capability is sent back to the grid. The size of this system is usually bespoke to the household and the storage requirements.
Prosolar solar PV system diagram showing the process of how solar energy is transformed and used in the home and linked to the grid.

Reduce your energy bills by up to 80%

ProSmart system customers have reported the highest electricity savings. This is because the batteries ensure the home can be much more self-sufficient. In some months it is possible to achieve up to 80% self-sufficiency, based on our ongoing results.

The most self-sufficiency you will see with a ProLite non-battery system is 50% in the brightest months of the year. This means just by adding the battery option to your system you can save an additional 30% on your energy bills.

Which system is the most ‘future-proofed’?

In the coming years, the electricity grid will likely operate on a “Time of Use” model. This would mean that electricity would be more affordable to purchase from the grid during certain hours of the day (when the power companies want to nudge consumers to use more energy), while at other times it would be more expensive. This transition is a key reason for the current installation of “smart meters” in households.

By installing a ProSmart battery system, you can now accumulate energy during low-cost hours and use it during peak hours, where electricity fees can be up to four or five times higher. With a complete battery system, you’ll be better positioned for the future.

Having an innovative ProSmart battery system in your home enables you to monitor your energy usage and provides real-time data on your power consumption. This information can assist you in making informed decisions about how to optimize your energy consumption, and when to use power.

Okay, what’s the catch?

While using batteries in a solar installation can increase the initial cost of the system, many people believe that the ability to generate and store energy far outweighs the upfront investment. For instance, upgrading a 12 panel system to a ProSmart system can cost around €4,000 more than the ProLite option. However, the added 30% savings are directly proportional to the additional cost, and the overall system pays back in just 5 or 6 years.

Can I upgrade with a battery later?

The ability to expand your solar system over time depends on the initial setup. If you installed the Hybrid Inverter as part of your ProLite system, then you can easily build on it as needed. However, if you opted for the more basic String Inverter, you’ll need to replace it with a Hybrid Inverter later on to integrate with a battery. While the String Inverter may seem like the more affordable option, it can end up costing more in the long run due to the need for replacement. To make an informed decision, consider your long-term solar plan and consult our expert team of solar engineering specialists for tailored advice that suits your home and budget.

Is a ProSmart system for my home?

Here are three questions we recommend you ask when thinking about if a smart battery system is right for your home..

  1. Do you have a slightly larger budget for your solar system?
  2. Are you relatively technically competent?
  3. Will you pay attention to how the system uses electricity?

If you budget conscious and seeking instant savings you may be better off getting a simple system without batteries that will run away reliably with little interaction being required. However, if you are looking for a Smart, complete system that can futureproof your home with maximum long term savings, offer you the highest level of self-sufficiency protection and offer the biggest reduction in carbon footprint overall then our ProSmart system will suit your home.

Whatever your choice, our expert solar tech team will be delighted to help you select the best system for your home. Request your free online quote and we will send you a bespoke proposal including your calculated SEAI grant entitlement.

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